Rates may include schedules, drivers, rules, terms of use and other fares and service charges, such as. B as the cost of using the facilities. 41.701 Utilities specifications. (a) The following specification formats for the purchase of services are available at the address indicated in point 41.301 (a) and may be used and modified at the discretion of the Agency: (1) Electrical Service. (2) Water service. (3) Steam service. (4) Wastewater remediation. (5) Natural gas service. (b) Contract agents may change the format of the specifications covered in paragraph (a) of this section and attach technical elements, information on government ownership in equipment and real estate, as well as maintenance or repair obligations, maps or drawings of delivery points, as well as any other information deemed necessary for the full definition of terms of service. (c) the specifications and growing equipment (see b) in this section must be indicated in Section C of the invitation and supply service contract. 41.702 Formats for the annual procurement department review.

(a) the following annual procurement service audit formats are available at the address indicated at point 41.301 (a) and may be used at the Agency`s discretion: (1) Electrical Service. (2) Gas service. (3) Water and sanitation. (b) Contract agents may change the annual format of the pension review to the extent that it is necessary to cover the fully used service; (2) 52.241-8, changes to rates or terms of use for unregulated services when service services are not subject to a screening body. (2) The U.S. Department of Defense (Department of Defense, DoD) is 10 United States. C.2304 and 40 U.S.C.113 (3) authorizes the purchase of military facility procurement services. This contract is akin to an energy-saving contract; In this case, the distribution company (instead of an ESCO) provides energy services and pays for upgrades for payment from the research campus.

Payments are made on the basis of the energy savings made by the project. (1) Section 8093 of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 1988, Pub.L.100-202, provides that none of the means to be used by this act or any other law relating to an exercise by a U.S. department, agency or power may be used for the purchase of electricity by the government in a manner inconsistent with national law for the provision of electricity supply services. , including decisions of the State Procurement Commission and franchises for electricity suppliers or service areas established in accordance with state statutes, state regulations or state-approved territorial agreements.