Price calculation of protection productsThe price calculation of protective products varies according to the vehicle category, the rental duration and the europcar waiver options selected (Basic, Medium, Premium). For more information, please see the General Insurance and Protection Terms available from the Europcar Agency or at: Insurance Coverage You cannot forego damages if you do not comply with the obligations expressly set out in the GVCs and, in particular, if you drive under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, other illicit drugs or other substances, Рyou drive without a valid driver`s licence Рyou entrust a vehicle to unauthorized drivers whom you have not specified in the rental contract and for which you remain responsible. They are therefore liable for any damage under the general law of liability. Other additional services:Europcar offers you the various additional services that are not included in the price of your rental:List of additional products/mobility services-Additional baby-driver seat (< 26 years)-A possibility (the right to return the vehicle to a station other than pickup, with the exception of our electric vehicles)-full-tank-tank tanking service (fuel allowance) diesel vehicle warranty vehicle model of the customer-day insurance rental /other withdrawals of waiver and return outside business hours GPS-winter Equipmentstraps and covers other kit accessories (z.B., roof bars- Crossbars; Handlifters)-Cleaning batteries-Pannes/Broken key breaks/Bad Fuel-Punctured-Tyres Delivery / Pick-up vehicle recovery vehicle in the mountain pick-up resort or return of the vehicle to a remote or seasonal transport station pick-up of a utility vehicle equal to or greater than 5m cubic in rental agencies in Paris in the guide Europcare Recommende Rate, which is attached to your confirmation email (if a rental booking is made online) and is available from each Europcar station agency and/or on the Europcar website." Maintenance, repair, incident or accident assistance Vehicle maintenance РDuring your rental, you must take all necessary protective measures to keep the vehicle in the state in which you have taken possession. They are responsible to Europcar for the adverse consequences resulting from a breach of the above support obligations.