Canada offers several sponsorship options to share the cost of billing with private sponsors in a variety of ways. Under the Joint Sponsorship Assistance (JAS) program, refugees receiving public support receive financial assistance from the Canadian government, while the sponsoring group provides emotional and community support. In general, JAS sponsorship companies range from 24 to 36 months, compared to 12 months of most other sponsorships. During the 12 months of the sponsorship business, refugees can expect their support group to provide income assistance if they do not support themselves. Support groups are also required to provide housing assistance, such as helping refugees find permanent housing, for example. B; open a bank account, enroll in health insurance and school Find language classes and are looking for a job or sign up for job search programs. Since its introduction by the Immigration Act of 1976, Canada`s Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program has been an instrument for integrating Canadian communities to create additional resettlement opportunities for refugees. The provisions for private sponsorship were quickly used in 1979, when more than 7,000 groups of Canadians mobilized to help some 34,000 Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees in just two years. In Ottawa in Ottawa, thousands of Canadians gathered for a public meeting to learn more about how they could help in the midst of the Asian crisis. Ottawa City Council quickly approved funding to launch Project 4000, a non-governmental organization that helped resettle sponsored groups and refugees.

The citizens of Ottawa are sponsoring about 2,000 refugees from Southeast Asia by 1983. When a sponsor is unable to meet the financial requirements on its own, it may contain information about the financial resources of its spouse or contractual partner, provided that the sponsor co-signed, if necessary, the sponsorship application. A sponsor cannot pool financial resources with other family members to complete the MNI. All income claimed by a sponsor or co-signer should be income they have reported on their tax return. Sponsored refugees can apply for loans from the Canadian government to cover transportation costs to Canada. These loans must be repaid in monthly installments from 30 days after arrival.